Santa Claus Sleigh

------ A small review from bestof3dmodels ------
This is a Sleigh 3d model with rigged santa claus reindeer and a bag full of toys :-).
Very Detailed model perfect for animations with closeups.
Santa Claus Model is rigged and already joined to CharacterStudio Biped and ready for any animation.

- A very detailed sleigh, and one of the nicest out there. Nice gold material aplied to the metallic surfaces.
- The reindeers are realistic and nice looking.
- The capitone sleigh seats are a litlle flat and Santa i thing, could be made better.

Santa Claus static

The model is originally created by Tons of Bones company.
Main features:
* high quality model
* easily convertible to other formats
* photo-realistic, high detailed textures
* scene includes 1 diffuse map, 1 alpha maps, 1 normal maps
* final images rendered with V-Ray

* vertex: 4441
* tris: 8072
* polygon: 4157

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Model Monica is animated fully.
She has clothes for christmas cloth.
This woman is animated in 3Dsmax8 without pluigins completely. It use inbuilt, Morpher modificator for mimicry, ClothFX for simulation of the clothes (evening dress, skirt). You can see examples of render of this character in the additional images. The hair are modelated + opacity map.
The stature is stable in the troubleshooting positions also providing that are using only real bone limits for movement.

Christmas Tree 5

-------A small review from bestof3dmodels--------
- A christmas tree 3d model made with 3ds Max 2009 and rendered with vray and 2.2 gamma workflow.
- Shaders and textures are all include but you need ColorCorect plugin for the materials wich you can find clicking here for free.
- The decoration balls are very realistic
- The leaf material is accurate colored and it has the right amount of specular.
- The wooden base is very good and nicely textured.