Female Rigged 3d model

Rigged high detail 3d model of a female character.

This model is suitable for use in advertising, design visualisation, forensic presentation, film, game cut scenes, etc.

Zombie - Game Character 3d model

This is a 3d model of a scary zombie character. The monster has low polygon geometry and game texture set.

The character modeled and rigged in 3ds Max, sculpted in ZBrush, textured in Photoshop, and final images rendered with V-Ray. Most of images don't has any post effect, only some images has post effect.

Render scene, animations and poses included in file.
Morph targets also included in file.

The character was modeled in real-world scale. Height of character is 185 cm.

Halloween Coffin 1

This Halloween Coffin 3d model is a high quality, photo real model that will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects.
File units: cm.
The model has a fully textured, detailed design that allows for close-up renders, and was originally modeled in 3ds Max 2012 and rendered with V-Ray.

International Airport Vehicles Planes 3d model

International Airport
Vehicles & Planes
LOWPOLY and GAMERADY MODEL collection by omegavision
Fully detailedcomplex 3D low-poly model collection for game engines (Game-Ready).
Skydome included..
24 pcs. Passenger Loading Bridge texture : 2048x2048
Polys : 24586 Verts: 36349
Airport building:
3 pcs bulding

Warehouse 3d model

This is 3d model Warehouse
File 3ds Max ready to render with V-Ray 1.5SP2
Polygons: 607744
Vertices: 554218
3ds Max 2009
OBJ (Archive does not contain material)
Box bump 500*738 Pix
Box Diffuse 500*738 Pix
Box2 diffuse 756*512 Pix
Box2 bump 756*512 Pix
Box3 diffuse 756*512 Pix

Abomination creature 3d model

including 3ds max 2009 scene with all materials lighting and rendering presets + base rigging and morph targets for face animation

- the model is good for close up renders animations and etc.
- RIGGED with skin and biped
- MORPH controlled expressions
- SSS (Sub Surface Scattering) materials
- 6000x6000 textures (Color normalDisplace Spec/Refl)
- Clean edge-loops based topology
- LIGHT/RENDER/SSS/AO setup for mental ray
- 3ds Max 2009 or higher compatible

Ruin Building Hangar Warehouse 3d model


This is full scene with very detailed warehouse buildings. Model is prepared for professional projects. There are two ruined buildings with interiors and simple environment.
The models were created reasonable keeping middle poly count:

Death Reaper With Scythe 3d model

Death Reaper With Scythe 3d model.

Model created for subdivision.
Only 3 and 4 sided polygons.

1. ReaperWithScythe_scanline_max.zip - scene setuped for default scanline render. No special plugin needed for this scene.

2. ReaperWithScythe_vray_max.zip - this scene setuped for V-ray render version 1.5+

119 objects in scene.
Logically named and grouped.

Hamster (FUR) 3d model

---UPDATED 2011---

High Detailed Realistic Hamster completely UVmapped and smoothable made with Maya - Shave and A Haircut for fur (see the bottom of the page for further informations)
This scene is Ready to render exactly as you see above (-see NOTE-) with MentalRay settings.
This model has been modeled with a clean topology based on loops and quads. It is ready to be rigged and smoothable.

-Teeth and Tongue included.