Generic American football helmet

3D model of a generic American football helmet.
Model is built to a high level of detail. All parts, textures, and materials are named and organized in an orderly fashion.Textures and materials are included.
This asset includes the original .psd file that was used to create the texture map. With this file you can easily swap out the colors and graphics for your own.

Futsal Goal

Realistic 3D model of the Futsal Goal

* The materials are available in the 3ds Max file format with V-Ray and Scanline Render

-Scene lighting is included ready for instant rendering

* The entire model is subdivided

-3ds Max files:
TurboSmooth modifier can be used to increase mesh resolution if necessary

-FBX file:
subdivision level 1 (render scene)
-Two OBJ files:
subdivision level 0
subdivision level 1
-Two 3DS files:
subdivision level 0
subdivision level 1

Olympic Skis Snowboards and Poles Collection

This is a collection of SkisSnowboards and Poles.

* Originally created with 3ds Max 2010.


1. Ski Jumping Skis - ID: 794016- $49
2. Alpine Skis - ID: 506073- $79
3. Biathlon Skis- ID: 747228- $49
4. Ski Poles - ID :506369 - $39
5. Olympic Snowboard - ID: 788604 - $79
6. Alpine Snowboard Virus - ID: 783185 - $49
7. Snowboard Freeboard - ID 781940 - $49

Total Price (bought separately) - $393
Collection Price - $ 249