Rigged Deer

High detailed deer.
Subdivision ready. 12056 polys. 46996 polys at subd level 1.

Diffuse, specular, glossiness, bump and opacity high resolution texture maps.

Fully rigged in 3dsmax, FBX, Lightwave, Maya and XSI formats.

xmas reindeer elk deer hoofed caribou horns christmas moose mammal animal sleigh sled santa claus rudolph rentier creature Doe Buck Antlers ciervo

Belongs to: Animals, Christmas
File Formats: 3D Studio, 3ds Max 8, Autodesk FBX, Cinema 4D 10, Lightwave 7, Maya 8.5, OBJ, Softimage 5
Renderers: Scanline
Polygons: 12,056
Animated: Yes
Rigged: Yes