snowman cartoon

it is a cute cartoon looking model of snowman, with a lot of option for very goog animation.

it is a very organized project, which helps you to work easier and faster.

Project contains:

-38 body controls
-46 morph targets + 3 morphs for creating new one(original, with skin wrap, mirrored)
-Morph for blow, kiss and letters M,F, M, E/I, U
-left and right side can be animated separately
-Eye controls with wired eye lids(upper&lower) for realistic movement
-All body parts can be detached from body(legs, arms, upper body, carrot, 3x hair, 3x rocks)
-UVW mapped with deffuse and bump textures
-IK rig on hands with separated controler for elbow(bone system)
-FK rig on fingers with additional bone between two pars of finger, for much nicer bending
-ALL controls have forzen position for EASY pose reset
-No plugins needed

Project has 25.000 polys and vertices(morph targets and controles included)

Belongs to: Christmas, Characters
File Formats: 3ds Max 2013
Renderers: Scanline
Polygons: 25,000
Animated: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Artist: matper