3D House Cuttout


High definition model. This scene is rendered with V-Ray 3.40.03 for 3dsMax 2017

3dsMax 9 version is also included.

This is a detailed model of fully furnished residential home. Living rooms bedrooms, kitchen, dining, and bathrooms are all furnished with detailed contemporary furniture and finishes.

Cuttout section can be revealed by moving or hiding walls already setup and ready to render.

Perfect for high resolution renders, simulations, 3D graphics, animations etc.

Opera Garnier Of Paris 3d model - La Salle

This is an extremely accurate and detailed interior 3d scene of the auditorium and stage of the Palais Garnier. With a baroque revival architecture, this 1,979-seat opera house, it is a 19th-century masterpiece. The stage is the largest in Europe and can accommodate as many as 450 artists. It is ideal for use in movies, short movies, musical video clips.


Walid Layouni is the CG Artist that made this 3d scene.

I was really excited to see that this 3d model is more beautiful than the actual photo!


3D Classic Apartment Full Environment


This is a 3d model of a classical North-European apartment - a 3d scene, ready to render.
You can use this apartment in many different projects, with little changes at the furniture and environment.


3D VR Studio News 9 model


3d model of an American style virtual set for elections or news. A big set with many screens and angles for a variety of shots.

- Suitable for 25x25ft (8x8m) physical studio
- Can host 3-4 newscasters
- Size ~ W15m H9m D20m
- Built in Maya and tested in 'VizRt' Virtual set for optimal performance.
- Efficient modeling and UV space usage (below 19K polys, 270MB texture memory allocation on a VizRt engine)
- The model is not intended for subdivision.


Basketball Court 3d model


This is a 3d model of a Basketball Court.

* Originally created with 3ds Max 2010

* This model is suitable for use in broadcast high-res film close-ups advertising design visualization forensic presentation etc.]
* The model is accurate with the real world size and scale.

* This model contains 12 separate objects.
* This model contains 45973 polygons.