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The best Easter 3d models

easter 3d models


These days, technology has made it easier than ever to create beautiful 3d models for various projects. Easter, in particular, is a time for creative projects, and 3d models bring an extra level of fun to them. Online, there is a wide array of Easter 3d models available at different price ranges, from free models to those with a modest fee.

Oscars 3d models

oscars 3d models


The Oscars have always been one of the most prestigious award shows in the world, and now, it is time to be inspired by them. It is an excellent opportunity to create unique 3d scenes for a portfolio. It is time to start collecting the best 3d models and become creative with their use.

The internet is full of various models. To make sure to create the best 3d scenes, however, it is important to consider using good 3d models. Therefore, we collected the best 3d models we found.


Xmas decor 3d models - Blue color in Christmas decoration

blue and silver christmas ornaments 3d models

If we had to combine Christmas with one colour, it would definitely be red. Second, it would be green, and then gold and silver. However, in recent years, Christmas decoration has evolved into a kind of art, a seasonal one, but an art nonetheless.

The classic Christmas tree with balls and bows is no longer a one-way street. Santa with a reindeer, a bear, and a lead soldier are welcome to the decorations. Accordingly, the ornaments have been made with imaginatively designed additions, with toy miniatures and wooden figures.

Amusement park 3d models

amusement park 3d models turbosquid

Create an amusement park 3d scene

We gathered the best 3d models that you can use to create a 3d theme park. 

An amusement park, or theme park, is a huge space that hosts facilities with recreational activities, either simple or high adrenaline, to entertain different groups of people (adults, teenagers and young children).

There are both fun shows and extreme activities at the amusement park that raise the adrenaline to the heights.

The best flower 3d models for Valentine's Day

valentine's day flowers 3d model turbosquid


Flowers are directly associated with Valentine's Day, as symbols of the celebration of love, but also of love itself in general.

The most "popular" gift for this day is red roses, but there are also other choices that will make your bouquet unique.

We found the best flower 3d models for you to choose for creating a beautiful 3d scene!



The classic flower of love and romance is the rose, the most popular choice for Valentine's Day. Red roses symbolize love, romance, and beauty.

3d models for Valentine's Day decorations

valentines day decor 3d models turbosquid


Valentine's day is coming! Use these tips to create a beautiful and romantic 3d scene.

The two main spaces are the dining room and the bedroom.

Generally, you can use:

  • red, pink, purple, and gold colors
  • unique candles and candlesticks
  • warm textures to warm the atmosphere, such as furs and velvet, with low lighting and lighted candles


The dining room

Here's what to look out for:


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