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3d models for Valentine's Day decorations

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Valentine's day is coming! Use these tips to create a beautiful and romantic 3d scene.

The two main spaces are the dining room and the bedroom.

Generally, you can use:

  • red, pink, purple, and gold colors
  • unique candles and candlesticks
  • warm textures to warm the atmosphere, such as furs and velvet, with low lighting and lighted candles


The dining room

Here's what to look out for:

  1. Glasses and accessories with gold details and a romantic mood.
  2. Many candles and candlesticks with gold colors or a heart design.
  3. Flowers. Choose red roses, red tulips, yellow suns, white daisies, white chrysanthemums.


Here are a few 3d models you can use for the dining room.
*You can click the link below each picture to see more images*

  • Glasses and accessories with gold details and a romantic mood.

Table setting 34 3D model by Nitro_Dima




Classic Tableware model by Quantum_4141




Tableware by Notfun2




3D Breakfast tableware model by noobsabot




3D Breakfast decor setby noobsabot


  • Candles and candlesticks

3D Concrete Gilded Vase Gold Brass Silver model by Arhita




3D Concrete Vase With Gilded Gold Brass Leaves by Arhita




Valentines Day Heart Jar Candle by ryansetiawan




Tealight Holder 04 by Pumper




Tealight Holder 03 by Pumper


  • Flowers

3D Classic Decorative Rose Bouquet Set by Lynn11




Flowers and candles 3D model by S_Ann_




Roses 3D modelby S_Ann_




Bouquet of pink roses model by deckorator4




3D Bouquet of red roses by deckorator4




Bouquet of tulips by Notfun2




Flowers Bouquet of tulips by Planka




Flowers in a Vase 2 by ms_Dessi




The bedroom

  1. Put a playful decoration on the wall.
  2. Put as many textures as you can throughout the room, lay carpets in shades of red, and decorate the room with warm corners.
  3. A tray is essential for the bed.



Here are a few 3d models you can use for the bedroom.
*You can click each picture to see more images*

  • Wall decoration

3D model Loves Neon Red Wall Sconce by ulenspy




Neon heart by bescec




  • Room decor

3D Red Tea Light Candles Heart Shaped model by 3d_molier International




Pillow Love model by ustinka




3D Pillows Pile V3 model by amaranthus




Romantic Bedroom - Updated by Perso89




3D Rose Bouquet and Coffee Set on Wooden Tray by Designconnected




breakfast 3D model by Ellestinium




Breakfast on the tray w003 model by Alekself




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