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Uses of Human Anatomy 3d models

male complete anatomy 3d model turbosquid


Anatomy: Explore the human body

Anatomy is the branch of biology that deals with the study, at the structural level, of recording and describing the structure of living organisms and their systems.

There are three areas: Human Anatomy, Animal Anatomy, and Plant Anatomy.


Human Anatomy

A body comprises many types of tissues, each with its separate function, contributing to the smooth and orderly functioning of the system. For example, the human body includes the head, neck, torso (chest, abdomen), arms, and legs. 

An understanding of anatomy is key to medicine and other areas of health.

Apart from doctors, anatomy is essential for artists too.

In terms of the knowledge of the bones and muscles of the human body, Anatomy is an essential basis for the artistic depiction of human beings. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to observe and understand the various expressions, postures, and movements that the human body can perform, including those that express an emotion. It is the knowledge that complements the study of the immobile body and helps the artist capture the rapid movements and quick changes of expression. Even with the help of a professional model, the painter cannot capture body and face images without knowledge of anatomy.

As for the artist, his interest in the human body is purely visual. His eyes study only his visible details. Therefore the artist should approach anatomy only from an artistic point of view and not from a medical point of view. He should first get to know those bones and muscles whose shape and action are visible on the body's surface or located just below it. 

The bones and muscles of the human body make up an incredibly complex three-dimensional system. And the slightest change in some posture can affect the whole system and change its balance of form.


Uses of 3d models in anatomy

  • For teaching purposes
  • For educational videos
  • For 3d printing
  • For scientific and medical purposes
  • For documentaries


3D models represent high-quality educational tools compared to traditional teaching aids.



This documentary from National Geographic is a perfect example of the use of 3d models in a video.





 You can use the "Human Male and Female Complete Anatomy" 3d model to make a video like this.



skeletal system 3d model turbosquid


muscular system 3d model turbosquid


nervous system 3d model turbosquid


lymphatic system 3d model turbosquid


respiratory system 3d model turbosquid


digestive system 3d model turbosquid




Body systems
An organ system, also called a biological system, is a group of organs that perform a specific function.
In the human body, there are ten organ systems:

  • Cardiovascular System
  • Digestive System
  • Endocrine System
  • Lymphatic System
  • Muscular System
  • Nervous System
  • Reproductive System
  • Respiratory System
  • Skeletal System
  • Urinary System



cardiovascular system 3d model turbosquid



human anatomy 3d model digestive turbosquid



endocrine system 3d model turbosquid


complete man and woman anatomy 3d model turbosquid



human muscles 3d model turbosquid


deep muscles anatomy 3d model turbosquid


You can see more information about this 3d model here or find other anatomy 3d models here.



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