Buzz Lightyear 2019 3dmodel

This is a high quality, photo real model of Buzz Lightyear.

* 3ds Max 2018 (V-Ray 3.6)
* 3ds Max 2015 (V-Ray 3.6 | mental ray 2015)
* 3ds Max 2012 ( V-Ray 2.0 | mental ray 2012)
* FBX 2012
* OBJ 2012

* originally modeled in 3ds Max 2018 and rendered with V-Ray 3.6
* consist of 47258 quads and 561 tris
* unwrapped UVs
* fully textured
* textures and materials are included and mapped in every format

Thanos 3d model rigged

This is Thanos 3d model as seen on the Avengers Infinity War movie.

Thor's Hammer Mjolnir 3d model

This is a detailed 3d model of Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir).

About Mjolnir
Mjolnir is Thor's war hammer, god of lightning and thunder. This war hammer, which is made by the dwarves Siddri and Brock, has tremendous destructive abilities and was associated with lightning. Also, it magically returns to its owner after it has found its target.
Thor wore iron gloves and a belt that doubled his power to handle it.

Aladdin Magic Lamp Vintage Gold 3D model

This is a high quality, photo real 3d model of a gold vintage magic lamp. 

A magic lamp is an oil lamp that looks like a teapot and can be rubbed in order to summon a genie who grants wishes. In the movie "Aladdin", the main character uses a magic lamp, in order to make his wishes come true.

This 3d model will help you if you want to make a game, a video or a static 3d render with an oriental touch!

EVA Pod Space Odyssey 2001 3d model

High detailed model created by SQUIR team.

Other formats are not rigged!

Ready to render at 3dsmax with VRAY.
It was rendered at 3dsmax 2015 with vray3.20

Rendering scene with all lightning, materials, background setups is included only for 3dsmax2015 vray3 format.

3dsmax 2010 format is also included, but without lightning/rendering studio setups and with standard materials only.

Buzz Woody rigged 3d models


Buzz Lightyear and Woody rigged 3D models.

Collection of the 2 characters, both rigged.

Stills from the Pixar' s motion picture and a real action figure toy has been taken as references to build a perfectly corresponding mesh to the motion picture one.
All the parts has been modeled through subdivision and still editable in low poly.


Spiderman 3d model

This is a fully rigged 3d model of Spiderman.

Who is Spiderman?
The Spider-Man is a fictional character created by Stan Li and Steve Ditko. The comic published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared as a character in the 15th and final issue of the Amazing Adult Fantasy magazine (this issue was published under the name Amazing Fantasy in August 1962), while the first magazine exclusively with his stories was The Amazing Spider-Man (first edition in March 1963).

Star Wars TIE-Fighter 3d model


This is a high detailed 3d model of Star Wars TIE-Fighter.

* Ready to render
* Rendering scene with all lightning, materials, background setups for vray is included.

3d model formats:
* 3ds Max
* Cinema 4D
* Lightwave

Elsa A&B From Disney "Frozen" 3d model

This collection includes 2 different rigged models of Elsa from the movie "Frozen" (Elsa A and Elsa B).


* Maya 2013 (V-Ray)
* 3ds Max 2009 (Default Scanline)
* FBX 
* OBJ (no texture)

* rigged 3d models
* UV Mapped
* 44 face expressions

* 2048 x 2048


Nice speed tutorial for modelling Elsa's face in Autodesk Maya.