3d cartoon man rigged

Belongs to: People, Man, Characters, Cartoon
Artist: CartoonFactory

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* Maya 2014 (V-Ray 3.0 | Arnold 1.2 | Other Redshift 2)
* Maya 2018 (V-Ray 3.6 | Arnold 2.0)
* FBX (Body has skeleton skin and no controller on the face)
* OBJ (No Rig)

* 180 cm tall
* clean topology based on quads
* completely UVunwrapped
* units: cm
* contains 2 kinds of hair (Hair: maya nhair system)
* fur on the waistcoat: vray fur
* the body is rigged with AdvancedSkeleton
* the face is rigged with custom advanced technology
* facial rigged base on the joint
* only rigged in maya format
* lights and Render settings are included in the maya scene

* icludes 21 high Res textures
* face, shirt, waistcoat, pants and shoes texture resolution is 4K (others texture resolution is 2K or 1K)


 See the short video with the facial and body rig:



need for my showreel

excellent work

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