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3d cartoon man rigged

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  • Maya 2014
  • Maya 2018
  • OBJ
  • FBX
  • V-Ray 3.0
  • Arnold 1.2
  • Arnold 2.0
  • V-Ray 3.6
  • Other Redshift 2
  • 21 high Res textures
  • face, shirt, waistcoat, pants and shoes texture resolution is 4K (others texture resolution is 2K or 1K)
  • 180 cm tall
  • clean topology based on quads
  • completely UVunwrapped
  • units: cm
  • contains 2 kinds of hair (Hair: maya nhair system)
  • fur on the waistcoat: vray fur
  • the body is rigged with AdvancedSkeleton
  • the face is rigged with custom advanced technology
  • facial rigged base on the joint
  • only rigged in maya format
  • lights and Render settings are included in the maya scene
  • animation
  • game development
  • education and training
  • virtual reality and augmented reality
  • advertising
  • visualizations
  • architectural renderings


This 3D model has a clean topology based on quads, which provides efficient and smooth rendering. It is completely UV unwrapped, meaning that textures and materials can be easily applied to the model. The nodes are named clearly, making managing the model and its elements easier. Each model element is in the corresponding display layer, making it easy to toggle the visibility of certain parts of the model as needed. The unit of measurement used in Maya is centimetres, and the model is scaled to real-world size, with the man being 180 centimetres tall.

The scene features hair that has been created using the Maya nhair system. The scene includes a hair poly proxy model and the Maya nhair system, allowing users to switch between the two types of hair using a controller. Additionally, the fur on the waistcoat has been created using the Vray fur feature within the Maya scene. These advanced features allow users to create realistic hair and fur effects within their 3D projects.

This model includes 21 high-resolution textures, with the face, shirt, waistcoat, pants, and shoe textures having a resolution of 4K. Other textures in the model have a resolution of either 2K or 1K. Different renderer versions are available, with corresponding materials, to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in the final rendering. All textures have been carefully crafted to provide the best possible visual representation of the model.

This model offers two rigging options: Normal Rigging and HumanIK Rigging. The Normal Rigging comes with a controller designed for keyframe animation. The HumanIK Rigging is equipped with a face, fingers, and toes rig for motion capture animation. To get a better understanding of the rig, there is a rig preview video available to watch. However, it's recommended not to show nhair when animating to speed up the view manipulation process.


 See the short video with the facial and body rig:



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For my showreel i want this model


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