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3d Sinks Collection

  • 3d sinks collection turbosquid
  • Sink Alba Mixer Smeg 3d model turbosquid
  • Sink Linea Mixer Smeg 3d model turbosquid
  • 3d Sink Alba Mixer Smeg model turbosquid
  • Sink Smeg And Tap Smeg 3d model turbosquid
  • Sink Smeg Mixer Concetto 3d model turbosquid
  • Sink Farmhouse Mixer Inox 3d model turbosquid
  • Sink Alba Mixer mco23 3d model turbosquid
  • Sink Oldham Mixer Royden 3d model turbosquid
  • Sink Bria Mixer Aster 3d model turbosquid
  • Sink Farmhouse Mixer Quadrodesign 3d model turbosquid
  • Sink Farmhouse Mixer Pieta 3d model turbosquid
  • 3d Sink Mira Mixer Inox turbosquid
  • 3d Sink Infinite Mixer Spinoza turbosquid
  • Sink Alba Mixer Amalfi 3d model turbosquid
  • Sink Mira Mixer Hitech 3d model turbosquid
  • Sink Quartet Mixer Benmont 3d model turbosquid
  • uwv sinks 3d model turbosquid
  • kitchen sink render 3d model turbosquid
  • metallic and specular workflow 3d turbosquid
  • vray and corona 3d render turbosquid

  • 3ds Max 2014
  • Cinema 4D R18
  • 3ds Max 2018
  • 3ds Max 2015
  • Maya 2017
  • Maya 2015
  • FBX
  • FBX Specular v
  • OBJ
  • V-Ray 3.4
  • Corona 3
  • Advanced Render
  • Arnold
  • Mental Ray
  • V-Ray 3.2
  • Unity 5.4
  • Unreal 4.10
POLYGONS 647,813
  • 4096x4096 (png format)
  • non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
  • ready to render
  • includes HDRI map and lighting
  • built to real-world scale
  • Units: cm
  • -


This 3d collection contains 16 sink 3d models:

  1. Sink Farmhouse Mixer Quadrodesign
  2. Sink Farmhouse Mixer Pieta
  3. Sink Smeg Mixer Concetto
  4. Sink Farmhouse Mixer Inox
  5. Sink Bria Mixer Aster
  6. Sink Alba Mixer MCO23
  7. Sink Oldham Mixer Royden
  8. Sink Quartet Mixer Benmont
  9. Sink Mira Mixer Inox
  10. Sink Alba Mixer Amalfi
  11. Sink Infinite Mixer Spinoza
  12. Sink Mira Mixer Hitech
  13. Sink Alba Mixer Smeg
  14. Sink Line Mixer Smeg
  15. Sink Alba Mixer Smeg
  16. Sink Smeg And Tap Smeg


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