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Basic Man 3d model - Rigged and Animated

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  • ZBrush 4R7
  • Maya 2015
  • Mental Ray
POLYGONS 203,492
  • (png format) 8192x8192 for the main body
  • (png format) 4096x4096 and lower for rest
  • built to real world scale
  • units used: cm
  • model is 180 cm tall
  • contains 44 separate mesh objects
  • -


Click here to see 360 renders of this 3d model.


Notes from the artist metaforma.



- Modular rig with IK and FK modes for each limb. IK and FK controls for spine, head and jaw. Rig is based on Smooth Skin an 66 base joints.
- 114 additional joints to correct geometry in complex poses driven by Set Driven Keys or Expressions. Which also can be keyed manually.
- Gestures and poses attribute controls for hands and feet, also controls for individual fingers and toes poses.

- Face controls consists of:

  • basic skeleton IK/FK controls for jaw, lips, tongue, eyes, eyelids (including auto eye follow).
  • 25 blend shapes facial expressions attributes and 11 phonemes.
  • extra 129 joints FK rig for tuning expressions.


- Ability to blend between limb's FK and IK joint chains or match one to another in one click.
- Breathing adjustable auto animation.
- Eyelids automatically follow eye by adjustable amplitude.
- cMuscle node for armpit, elbow, coxal, knee interpenetrations prevention.
- Tongue is controlled by IK Spline Handle. Tongue can be stretched and squeezed.
- Head hair, brows and eyelashes are based on ZBrush Fiber Mesh curves.
- All hair is driven by nDynamics.
- Underwear is driven by nCloth.
- Model utilizes normal and displacement maps and mental ray subdivision approximation.


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