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Compact Electric Car 3d model

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  • 3ds Max 2015
  • Cinema 4D R17
  • Maya 2015
  • 3D Studio
  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • Corona 1.7
  • Default Scanline
  • Maya Hardware 2.0
POLYGONS 111,030
  • 9 textures, which vary in resolution from 256x256px to 3072x3072px
  • real-world scale
  • units: mm
  • doors can be opened
  • windshield, rear window and side windows are using high resolution transparency mask texture
  • movies / videos / renderings


This is a highly detailed 3D model of a futuristic compact car with an interior created entirely by HKV Studios and free from third-party claims. The model was created using 3ds Max 2015 and comes with two MAX files with Corona and Standard 3ds Max materials. The Subdivision modifier is available in the history for MAX, MB, and C4D file formats with a subdivision iteration of 1 set for all objects, allowing you to access the original non-smoothed mesh by deactivating the Subdivision modifier.

The model is comprised of 14 separate objects, including the body, wheels, and doors, all of which are intelligently named. The doors can be opened, and the unit system is set to metric (millimetres), ensuring real-world scale. All textures and materials are included and assigned, with 9 textures varying in resolution from 256x256px to 3072x3072px. In addition, the windshield, rear window, and side windows are created using a high-resolution transparency mask texture.

The previews have been rendered in 3ds Max 2015 with Corona 1.7. For other 3D software, the OBJ format is recommended for import, and if your software does not support the OBJ format, you can use the 3DS format. The geometry for the OBJ format is set to quads. You can load MAX files in 3ds Max 2015 or higher, and Corona 1.7 or higher is required to use the Corona rendering setups and materials. You can load the C4D file in MAXON Cinema4D R17 or higher; only standard Cinema4D materials and Standard renderer were used.


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