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  • 3ds Max 2012
  • 3ds Max 2011
  • Cinema 4D R19
  • Blender 2.8
  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • V-Ray Next 4.1
  • Corona 3.0
  • Default Scanline
  • VRAYforC4D 3.6
  • Cycles Render Eevee
  • Other Corona 3.0
  • Other GrowFX 1.9
POLYGONS 37575459
  • YES
  • completed with all textures and shaders
  • Polygonal Ngons used Geometry
  • UV Mapped
  • Units scale: cm
  • renderings
  • archviz
  • CG

This pack consists of 9 species of realistic climbing foliage with over 464 variations:

  1. Vernonia Elliptica (or Tarlmounia elliptica) - 73 variations
    The plant genus is native to India, Burma, and Thailand and naturalized in southern Taiwan and Queensland, Australia. It is used as ground cover, a curtain for outdoor buildings, and a retaining wall / sloping area - other names: Green curtains plant, curtain creeper, vernonia creeper, and parda bel.

  2. Dichondra (Dichondra repens) - 83 variations
    Dichondra is a low and fast-growing perennial ground cover plant that looks like a weed. It has a somewhat upright, creeping habit with circular leaves. It is not usually over 2 inches (5 cm) in height. You can use it as an attractive ground cover or even a substitute for a small lawn area. It is often planted in places where other turf-type grass does not grow well.

  3. Bower Wattle (or Acacia cognata) - 19 variations
    Fast-growing tree or shrub species that is endemic to south-eastern Australia grows to the size of a large shrub or small tree depending on your landscape and climate. It will reach 9m and a spread of 9m after 20-50 years and has a pale-yellow color in spring with fluffy yellow, ball-shaped flowers. It can be used in beds and borders, city, cottage/Informal, greenhouse, specimen tree, wall side, and trellises. Other names: river wattle or narrow-leaved bower wattle.

  4. Rosemary - 27 variations
    Trailing or creeping rosemary is often used as a ground cover, useful trained over fences, rockeries, and raised beds. Prostrate rosemary plants can grow up to 3 feet (9 m) in height and 4 to 8 feet (1.2-2.4 m) in width with trailing stems that arch over and have a good draping nature. Leaves are leathery, pale grayish-green, and have a pungent scent and flavor.

  5. Star Jasmine - 17 variations
    Star Jasmine is a species of flowering plant native to eastern and south-eastern Asia. It's perfect for growing up on a warm wall or a fence. It's slow-growing enough to be planted in a small garden - Other names: confederate jasmine, southern jasmine, star jasmine, confederate jessamine, and Chinese star jasmine.

  6. Grevillea Laurifolia - 26 variations
    Grevillea Laurifolia is an evergreen prostrate shrub native to eastern Australia with broad, heart-shaped, and leathery foliage. It has a horizontal form making an excellent ground-cover, spreading up to 4.5m in diameter, that produces wiry, deep red, spider flowers with golden tips in springtime through to early summer - commonly known as the laurel-leaf grevillea.

  7. Creeper Plants Common - 60 variations

  8. Epipremnum Aureum (Golden Pothos or Devil's Ivy) - 135 variations
    Devil's Ivy is a flowering plant species native to the Society Islands of French Polynesia. It is an evergreen vine growing to 20 m (66 ft) tall, with stems up to 4 cm (2 in) in diameter, climbing using aerial roots that adhere to surfaces.

  9. Phyllanthus - 24 variations
    Phyllanthus is the largest genus in the flowering plant family Phyllanthaceae. Estimates of the number of species in this genus vary widely, from 750 to 1200. Phyllanthus has a remarkable diversity of growth forms, including annual and perennial herbs, shrubs, climbers, floating aquatics, and pachycaulous succulents. Other names: Gale of the wind, leafflower, seed-under-leaf, stonebreaker.



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