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German Shepherd (FUR) 3d model

High Detailed Realistic German Shepherd completely UVmapped and smoothable made with Maya - Shave and A Haircut for fur(see the bottom of the page for further informations)
This scene is Ready to render exactly as you see above (-see NOTE-).

This model has been modeled with a clean topology and it is ready to be rigged and smoothable.

Teeth tongue and eyeballs are included and modeled separately.

The lower level of detail has 4306 polygons.

---UPDATED 2011---

The model is provided with 4k high resolution textures (main color map is .TGA):

color (4096x4096)
bump (4096x4096)
specular (4096x4096)
eye color (1024x1024)


This pack includes all the following formats:

.mb (maya 2011 binary)
.ma (maya 2011 ascii)
.obj (alias wavefront)
.fbx (kaydara)

FBX is directly exported from Maya.
Obj is directly exported from Maya (.mtl included)

Two different geometry resolutions included in each format (mambobjfbx):


main: 4306
eyeballsteethgumtongue: 2068


main: 17126
eyeballsteethgumtongue: 8216

NOTE: The Maya files have been created with Maya 2011 and Shave and A Haircut for fur. The Shave and Haircut Fur is included in all the MAYA formats.
For an even better render quality you can increase the hair primitives count up to your machine memory limit.
4 different hair systems for a total of about 290k hair prims (multistrand =1)
The actual rendering time is about 5 minutes for a 1200x1200 frame (rendered on a system based on a single pentium quadcore with 8 gigs ram)

The OBJ and FBX formats don't include the Shave and Haircut Fur (see 'no fur' image preview) but are included the hair curves created by the hair primitives you can use them as guides if you' re using a different Fur/Hair plugin.



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