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Iron Man Avengers Age Of Ultron 3d model

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This is a rigged 3d model of Iron Man suit from the Avengers Age Of Ultron Movie.

3d model formats:
* Maya 2011

* fully rigged
* IK-FK switchable
* light weight
* detailed for HI-Res renders

***this model does not contain any interior structure, and it only has the outer structure of the suit I.E (the shell)***


* movies
* advertisements
* games
* 3d scenes


Who is Iron Man?
Iron Man is a fictional superhero and protagonist of the eponymous comic of Marvel. Behind the Iron Man armor is Tony Stark - an industrious, ingenious inventor and impeccable playboy, general manager of Stark Industries and a major weapon maker for the US Armed Forces.
His suit is made from titanium alloy (not iron). It is a powered exoskeleton with an arc reactor in the chest, rockets on the feet and repulsers on the palms.

Avengers: The Age of Ultron
It is a US 2015 production adventure, based on the comic of Marvel, where Robert Downey Jr. plays the role of Tony Stark (Iron Man).


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