Jane - Female 3d model

Belongs to: People, Woman
File Formats: 3ds Max 9.0
Renderers: Mental Ray
Polygons: 160,933
Animated: No
Rigged: Yes
Artist: Nikola Dechev

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This is a photo-realistic female model, rigged with skin and biped. You can control her expressions and create a lip-sync.

* 3ds Max 9.0

* rigged 3d model with skin and biped
* flicker-free animation solution (AO, HDRI - editable color gradient)
* morph controlled expressions and lip-sync
* morph targets included for faster edit (110 objects)
* face control v1.1 system (46 control objects)
* wire parameters to automate different morphs
* SSS (Sub Surface Scattering) materials
* 16384x16384 textures (Color, Overall, Bump, Subdermal, BackSurface, Specular, Reflection)
* 8192x8192 displacement map to highlight details
* “Hair&Fur” hair for realistic results
* spline-based brows, lashes, nasal hair, and private hair
* mouth v5.2 with rootless teeth (product ID: 641608) for realistic smiles
* clean edge-loops based topology
* 3ds Max 9.0 or higher compatible
* system Unit: cm

* advertising
* visual effects
* VR or AR applications
* games
* visualization
* presentation
* high-res film close-ups

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