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Monica Mrs. Claus - Christmas 3d model



This is a 3d model of a modern Mrs. Claus, Monica.

Model Monica is animated fully.
She has clothes for christmas cloth.
This woman is animated in 3Dsmax8 without pluigins completely.
It use inbuilt, Morpher modificator for mimicry, ClothFX for simulation of the clothes (evening dress, skirt).

You can see examples of render of this character in the additional images.
The hair are modelated + opacity map. 
The stature is stable in the troubleshooting positions also providing that are using only real bone limits for movement.

Materials are standard 3dsmax.
Only material of the skin is exception.
It's done by Skin Shader Mental Ray.

Renders: Additional images are rendered in the basic scene Mental Ray lighting. But it´s not problem render in whatever render (V-ray, Brazil. FinalRender) but it´s need to change skin shader.

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