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R2-D2 rigged 3d model

High quality rigged model of R2-D2 from Star Wars, with animatable periscope, life form scanner, hologram projectors, manipulator arms, computer interface arm, gripper arm, centre leg and rocket boosters!
Please see the various 360 turntables to view the moving parts and gadgets.

Available in .ma, .mb, .obj and fbx formats.



All geometry is quads, No ngons or tris! All parts UV unwrapped with 0 overlapping uvs.
Modelled to Real World Scale at 96.00cm tall.


All renders above were done in mental ray for Maya with no plugins required. The scene is lit with an HDRI which I have supplied.


There are 27 textures included for the 20 mia materials.
White parts Diffuse and Gloss 2048x2048
Blue parts Diffuse, Gloss, Reflection and Bump 2048x2048
Metal parts Diffuse, Gloss and Reflection 2048x2048
Anisotropic Diffuse, Gloss, Reflection and Rotation 1024x1024
Blue anisotropic parts Diffuse, Gloss and Reflection 1024x1024
Cables Diffuse, Gloss, Reflection and Bump 1024x1024
Internal metal parts Diffuse, Gloss and Reflection 2048x2048
Wheels Diffuse, Gloss and Reflection 1024x1024
Led Diffuse 1024x1024

and 1 HDRI image for lighting and reflections 2000*889


Only the .ma and .mb file come rigged and ready for animation but I have also supplied .obj and .fbx files if you wish to rig the model in your own 3d package.
A readme file is included to explain how to use the rig, but it is pretty straightforward.
Nurbs curves control the joints in the skeleton via constraints and set driven keys. Very easy to animate with the various added attributes on the mainTransform curve.


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