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Rat fur 3d model

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  • high detailed realistic rat 3d model turbosquid
  • long-tailed rodent 3d model turbosquid
  • rat with and without fur 3d model turbosquid
  • simple and realistic eye of a rat 3d model turbosquid
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  • small mammal 3d model turbosquid
  • rat hair curves maya 3d model turbosquid
  • rat whiskers maya 3d model turbosquid
  • rat 3d model maya and Arnold render

  • Maya 2019
  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • Arnold
  • 8192x8192 (JPG)
  • real world scale
  • clean UVmapped
  • smoothable mesh with quads mostly
  • body mesh is 9720 polygons - all other meshes (claws, eyeballs, mouth, teeth) is 6042 polygons
  • hidden meshes is 768 polygons (primitive eyes)
  • mouth is openable and have all inside stuff
  • eyes, gum, teeth, claws and tongue are separated meshes
  • fur and whiskers made by Maya XGen
  • scene is ready to render
  • units: cm
  • with and without fur
  • rat claws
  • realistic rat 3d model
  • hairless rat, naked rat
  • rat whiskers
  • fur on tail
  • visualization projects
  • renderings
  • architectural visualisation
  • 3d artwork
What you can create with this 3d model: 

A short film

You can create a cool short movie like the one below to show off your animation skills or make a cute, winning short movie with your excellent plot. Why recreate the wheel and spent countless hours creating a perfect rat model when there is already a great model like this. You can spend this time on the animation and plot instead.

It's ideal for animation movies because of its details and excellent materials.

You can choose the rigged version from this link.



3d artwork

You can make a great masterpiece 3d image with a strong story behind it that makes a true impact on the audience. Examples of 3d artwork you can make with a ready-made rat 3d model are below. These great artists did a fantastic job!

If you want a completely custom rat model, you can ask the creators of such images if they are available for hire.


rat 3d model on christmas tree

Aluta Roma is the creator of this image (





very good

excellent model

very nice your model make now please

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