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Rigged Cartoon Man 05 Handsome Guy 3d model

Rigged Cartoon business good looking man character.
Suitable for use in broadcast high-res film close-ups advertising design visualization. Ready for animation! ( Originally created with 3ds Max 2009 )


Handsome business man age range between 22 and 35 years white skin with a soft tan redhead with blue eyes refined face with sharp facial features and slender body. He is wearing a completely formal attire with a fancy dark grey suit a white shirt underneath flat black tie and elegant black shoes. This cartoon is intended to represent a business men an attractive gentleman but it also has the prince prototype or the 'womanizer' or any other possible personalities related to the character's features. The character is suitable for many nationalities european american latin Brazilian Italian and many others. This character is an original creation from the author based on its own knowledge and research . Any similarity with existing characters or real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

|| SPECS ||

This model contains 18 separate objects
6094 polygons with TurboSmooth OFF (without morph targets)
48752 polygons with TurboSmooth ON (set to 1 iterations.)
48768 Additional polygons by morph targets

Standard materials only.
Rendered images with Default Scanline Renderer with Ray Trace active.


2048x2048 JPG (6) - Body Head Hair Suit Shirt Pants
1024x1024 JPG (3) - Shoes Tie Belt
512x512 JPG (1) - Eyes
Handmade Editable Texture files (.PSD) are included)


Model is built to real-world scale
Units used: Centimeters. Model is 175 centimeters tall.
Scene objects are organized by layers.
No third-party renderer or plug-ins needed

|| SETUP ||
- Rigged with Biped system and Physique modifier.
- About 24 face features for animate expressions.
- Hidden polygons of white shirt have been deleted for optimization and clean behavior of mesh.
- Model only file non-rigged version included.
(NOTE: Download Rigging instructions free .PDF document at 'Previews' section for additional information)


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