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Scuba Diver Rigged and Animated 3d model

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  • aquarium diver rigged and animated 3d model
  • diver wearing full equipment rigged and animated 3d model
  • diving equipment 3d model

  • 3ds Max 2017
  • Maya 2022
  • V-Ray 3.4
  • V-Ray 6.3
  • Texture sizes are from 1024x1024px to 8192x8192px (tga format)
  • topology is made up of quads and triangles
  • units: cm
  • rigged with 3D Studio Max Biped 2017
  • morpher modifier has been applied to the geometry of the face
  • for the Maya version we used HumanIK
  • Character expressions: Angry, Wide Eyes, Closed Eyes, Serious, and Mouth-O
  • Animations: Idle, Go To Swimming, and three different types of swimming
  • animation projects
  • movies / videos / renderings

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"Scuba Diver Rigged and Animated" 3D model, created by codethislab.
This highly detailed model showcases a scuba diver with all the necessary gear for underwater exploration.

The creation process involved utilizing 3D Studio Max (2017 version) to design the model and its accessories. The model's topology consists of a combination of quads and triangles, ensuring optimal structure. To enhance the visual appeal, the Vray rendering engine (version 3.4) was employed to generate stunning images.

For those using Maya (version 2022), rest assured that the provided files port the original 3Ds Max version, incorporating Vray materials seamlessly.

Materials and textures included in the package range in size from 1024x1024px to 8192x8192px, ensuring excellent detail and resolution. All textures are provided in TGA format. The model's measurements are based on centimetres (cm), maintaining accuracy across different platforms. The Maya version supports the same texture formats for easy integration.

Regarding rigging and animations, the model has been meticulously rigged using 3D Studio Max Biped 2017, and the Morpher modifier has been applied to the facial geometry, allowing for various expressions. The Maya version utilizes HumanIK for rigging.

This model offers five morphs/blends targets, providing versatility in character expressions, including Angry, Wide Eyes, Closed Eyes, Serious, and Mouth-O. The package includes five meticulously crafted animations: Idle, Go To Swimming, and three different types of swimming. An additional file is provided for convenience, featuring all the animations sequenced on a single timeline through the mixer of 3D Studio Max. The intervals between the animations are clearly indicated next to their respective names in the list.

All animations are in place and have been expertly crafted, ensuring smooth and realistic movement. It's important to note that the animations have been created manually and do not rely on motion capture technology.

The folder contains a comprehensive range of files, including PSD files that allow easy customization of brands, logos, and numbers. Additionally, the package includes the max and Maya files for the animations, ensuring compatibility across platforms. All textures associated with the model are also included.

The "Scuba Diver Riged and Animated" 3D model offers your projects an immersive and dynamic experience. Whether for underwater scenes, virtual explorations, or educational presentations, this model is a remarkable addition to your 3D rendering endeavours.




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