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snowman cartoon 3d model

This is a rigged 3d model of snowman Olaf, a character from the movie "Frozen".


* 3ds Max 2013 (Default Scanline)

* 38 body controls
* 46 morph targets + 3 morphs for creating new one (original, with skin wrap, mirrored)
* morph for blow, kiss and letters M,F, M, E/I, U
* left and right side can be animated separately
* eye controls with wired eye lids(upper&lower) for realistic movement
* all body parts can be detached from body(legs, arms, upper body, carrot, 3x hair, 3x rocks)
* UVW mapped with diffuse and bump textures
* IK rig on hands with separated controler for elbow (bone system)
* FK rig on fingers with additional bone between the two parts of fingers
* The model has 25.000 polygons and vertices (morph targets and controles included)



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