Spiderman 3d model

This is a fully rigged 3d model of Spiderman.

Who is Spiderman?
The Spider-Man is a fictional character created by Stan Li and Steve Ditko. The comic published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared as a character in the 15th and final issue of the Amazing Adult Fantasy magazine (this issue was published under the name Amazing Fantasy in August 1962), while the first magazine exclusively with his stories was The Amazing Spider-Man (first edition in March 1963).

The story is that Peter Parker was a teen from the Forest Hills of Queens in New York City, who was stung by a radioactive spider during an experiment. The spider pinning Peter was hit by radioactivity which mutated its genetic code. With the sting, venom penetrated into Peter's blood and also caused a mutation that spread to all the tissues of his body.

Amongst the forces that he acquired was climbing. The muscles as well as the tendons of his body except stronger became more elastic. Spider-Man is capable of clinging and climbing on any surface except those that happen to slip, provided they are not under the influence of substances that cancel this feature. Using the fingers of his hands and feet, Spider-Man is able not only to climb on surfaces of any incline but also to run on them, making climbing faster.

Also, Spider-Man is capable of creating tissue of organic origin, which consists of silkstrong enough to compare with the wires used to hold bridges. By pressing his palm with the two middle fingers, Peter is capable of launching a tissue. The more he presses his palm, the more layers of tissue are added to the outgoing histogram. 

3d model formats:
* Maya 2011

Additional Files:
Spider-man R-Manual.pdf

* contains 8K textures
* IK - FK switchable rig with many added attributes for hand and feet controls


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