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Star Wars New Collection The Force Awakens 3d model

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This is a 3d collection of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The collection includes:
1. Millennium Falcon
2. The new X-wing
3. BB-8 astromech droid

Millenium Falcon Features:
* Polycount: 353,000 polygons
* INCLUDES both the old satellite dish (round - episodes IV,V,VI) and the new rectangular satellite dish (As it is in episode VII)
* Very highly detailed geometry
* Very highly detailed textures (up to 8096x8096px)
* Can be used in close-ups
* Render setups for both Vray and Mental ray
* Photorealistic materials
* Realistic, optimized render settings in linear workflow, with added lens effects for the bloom effect from the thrusters.
* Rigged with root dummy, target dummies for the top and bottom gun turrets, pitch and yaw control dummies for the satelite.
* Clean geometry with a good polycount and lots of detail

X-wing Features:
* Polycount: 240,000 polygons
* It is highly accurate, following the official blueprints, shown at the 2015 Star Wars celebration
* Very highly detailed, clean geometry
* Very highly detailed textures (8192x8192 px)
* Includes blue, red, and black colour versions
* Realistic materials
* Realistic, optimized render setup in Vray, with added lens effects for thruster effect.

BB-8 Features:
* Polycount: 53,000 polygons
* Very highly detailed, with clean geometry
* Very highly detailed textures (4096x4096px)
* Realistic materials
* Realistic and optimized render settings in Vray



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