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Unleash Your Creativity with this High-Detailed Photorealistic Lion 3D Model

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  • 3d lion redshift animation
  • tiger 3d model rigged and animated
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  • Maya 2018
  • Redshift
  • 12 High resolution textures (main and displacement are 8K)
  • high detailed photorealistic lion
  • fully rigged and animated
  • UVunwrapped
  • clean geometry based on loops and only quads
  • ready to render
  • units: cm
  • animation
  • renderings
  • movies
  • videos
  • games




3D modelling offers endless possibilities for creators, designers, and artists, and a suitable 3D model can help bring your vision to life. The highly detailed, photorealistic lion 3D model available on TurboSquid is an excellent addition to your creative arsenal. This fully rigged and animated model is built with Maya and is perfect for various applications, from animation to video games.

This article will explore inspiring ways to use this versatile 3D model and enhance your projects.

Please note that the lion used in the following images has been modified and may differ from the original TurboSquid model, which may also require modifications to achieve similar results.


The Lion in a Cave

Imagine a scene where a lion emerges from the depths of a mysterious cave.
The lion's golden fur contrasts beautifully with the damp, earthy textures of the cave, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and wonder. This setting can be used in a story, animation, or game to introduce a powerful character or set the stage for an adventurous journey. You can make this scene your own by customizing the lighting and camera angles.

Majestic lion emerging from a dark cave



A Lion Crossing a River

Transport your audience to a lush, natural environment where the lion navigates through a flowing river.
The water's gentle movement and the rich greenery surrounding the scene evoke a sense of tranquillity and balance. This setting can be a backdrop for a wildlife documentary or a serene moment in an animated film. Use the lion's fully rigged and animated features to create a lifelike representation of the animal interacting with its environment.

Realistic lion crossing a river in a lush, natural environment



A Lion Crossing a Bridge Over a River with Mountains in the Background

Elevate your creative project by placing the lion on a picturesque bridge with a stunning mountain range in the background.
This majestic setting can be used in various projects, from travel advertisements to fantasy stories. The combination of the lion's regal appearance and the grand landscape creates a scene that captures the viewer's imagination.

Regal lion walking on a picturesque bridge with mountains in the background



A Lion on a Cliff Overlooking Mountains and a River

In this dramatic scene, the lion stands proudly on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a vast landscape of mountains and a winding river.
This image can be used in promotional materials, book covers, or film posters to evoke a sense of adventure, courage, and freedom. With the model's high-resolution textures and smoothable geometry, you can create stunning visuals that captivate your audience.

Stunning lion standing on a cliff overlooking mountains and a river



The high-detailed photorealistic lion 3D model from TurboSquid, complete with RedShift renderer settings, offers creators the chance to bring their artistic visions to life. This model features 12 high-resolution textures, including 8K main and displacement textures, and is perfect for any project requiring a stunning, realistic lion. Remember, the Shave and a Haircut plugin is free, making it even easier to achieve that natural look.

Please be aware that the lion depicted in the images accompanying this article has been altered and customized from the original TurboSquid model.

You may need to modify the original model to create similar scenes according to your creative vision. Don't miss the opportunity to make your projects stand out with this versatile 3D model. Showcase your creative skills by incorporating the lion into various scenes and environments, and watch as your ideas come to life in beautiful, photorealistic detail.



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