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Winter Snow Christmas 3d Scene


Winter holiday complete scene
UPDATED - 2011.09.23

This is hi-end complete scene of christmas eve. All is set - materials, lights, render sets, post production effects - default Mental Ray of 3ds max. No plugin needed!

This product was created with specially accuracy. All models are detailed, textures hi res, material of snow is real SSS (even textures with painted snow have maped SSS on it). We pay atention to optimization and good arrangement of scene. All scene - what you can see above - has only 200.000 poly, trees are very accurate but has only 2500 - 3200 poly, so you can use it even for games.

Scene is well arranged. Objects are named, there are separated layers for each objects type - trees, house, park lamps etc. Moreover text file with instructions and helps include.

Scene has animated snow and post production effects. Christmas little lamps around house whiffle, check test animation. Post production effects created in Video Post (standard module of 3ds max) not in Photoshop. So to create renders like those above all you have to do is click render.

This scene is very light for rendering. This is very good for long animations and huge posters as well. Check preview files with test animation and big renders.

Textures dimentions: 512x512, 650x234, 456x693, 750x750, 501x350, 200x200, 1200x900, 154x377, 297x320, 20x20, 900x900, 256x628, 337x487, 400x400, 375x693, 512x650, 500x717, 429x1257, 143x1000 Exported formats works correctly, light and falling snow not included.




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