Desert Road Complete 3d Scene

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Belongs to: Architecture
File Formats: 3ds Max 9, 3D Studio, OBJ, FBX
Renderers: Default Scanline, V-Ray 1, V-Ray 1.5
Polygons: 1,230,469
Animated: No
Rigged: No
Artist: 3D_Multimedia

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This is complete 3d scene of detailed desert with asphalt road. Prepared for visualisations of cars in desert environment or fly-camera animations.
Ready to render with any camera angle or using in animations as well.

Road passing by desert and detailed mountains (also available as separated models), can be looped by copy of terrain.

There are simply models of plants scattered along road, very light, no proxy was needed.
Scene prepared for V-Ray, however only 4 V-Ray materials were used, most is standard so you can remake it to any renderer within few minutes.

BONUS Chrysler 300c car 3d model is included.