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German Red Easter Egg 3d model

  • red German Easter egg 3d model turbosquid
  • easter tree decor 3d model turbosquid
  • german easter traditions 3d model turbosquid

  • 3ds Max 2012
  • V-Ray 3.30
  • (1.png) 800 x 800
  • (1.jpg) 3000 x 3000
  • (6.png) 2048 x 2048
  • (6.png) 4000 x 4000
  • real world scale using centimeters
  • fully textured
  • ideal for close-up renders
  • clean UVs
  • texture resolutions specified
  • movies / videos / renderings
  • advertisements
  • games


The German Easter Egg Red model by 3D artist royalmix is a highly realistic and detailed 3D model that can add a sense of authenticity and realism to any design project. Furthermore, the model is available in the 3ds Max 2012 V-Ray format, which makes it easy to incorporate into various projects.

This model is fully textured with intricate details that make it perfect for close-up renders, and its texture resolutions include (1.png) 800 x 800, (1.jpg) 3000 x 3000, (6.png) 2048 x 2048, and (6.png) 4000 x 4000. With smoothing, the model has a polygon count of 18050 and a vertice count of 18054, making it highly detailed and visually impressive.

The German Easter Egg Red model is created for real-world scale using centimetres, and has been rendered in V-Ray with optimal fidelity up to a 2k render. All of the models created by royalmix are designed with intricate details and are fully textured, which makes them perfect for use in close-up renders.




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Easter eggs in Germany

Easter eggs are an integral part of Easter celebrations across the world. However, different cultures and countries have their unique traditions and practices when it comes to Easter eggs. For instance, in many countries, the traditional method is to use dyed and painted chicken eggs. These eggs are often decorated in vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and designs, symbolising new life and fertility.

In Germany, a popular Easter tradition is to decorate trees with colourful eggs. Known as Easter trees or Osterbaum, these trees are usually decorated with various egg-shaped ornaments made from wood, plastic, or other materials. They are hung from the branches of trees in public parks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces, creating a beautiful and colourful display that adds to the festive atmosphere.

Another unique Easter egg tradition in Germany is the Osterbrunnen, which means Easter well. In several regions of the country, public wells are decorated with colourful Easter eggs and other ornaments, creating a stunning display that attracts locals and tourists alike. These decorations often feature intricate designs, and the colours used are symbolic of the new life that Easter represents.

Overall, Easter eggs play a significant role in Easter celebrations worldwide, and the different traditions and practices associated with them only add to the richness and diversity of this holiday.




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