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Man Firefighter 3d model

Amusement park 3d models

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Create an amusement park 3d scene

We gathered the best 3d models that you can use to create a 3d theme park. 

An amusement park, or theme park, is a huge space that hosts facilities with recreational activities, either simple or high adrenaline, to entertain different groups of people (adults, teenagers and young children).

There are both fun shows and extreme activities at the amusement park that raise the adrenaline to the heights.

Cartoon City Street Scene V2 3d model

Lamb 3d model rigged with fur


The "Lamb rigged with fur" 3D model is a highly-detailed and photo-realistic asset perfect for adding realism to any 3D rendering project. This fully textured model includes a skin system and bones for easy posing and animation within 3D Studio Max.

Chick rigged 3d model


Introducing a rigged 3D model of a Chick, created using 3ds Max 2016. This Chick model is fully rigged with a custom rig created using the bone tool in 3ds Max, allowing you to pose and animate the model according to your requirements easily.

Easter Basket 3d model


The Easter Basket 3D model created by DabartiCGI is a detailed representation of the classic Easter basket commonly associated with Easter traditions. This model was created with 3ds Max and is designed to be true-to-life, with real-world dimensions of 29cmx32cmx22cm.

Leprechaun Rigged 3d model

Green Leprechaun Hat 3d model


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