Man 3d model

Content: Full Body & Hand rigged model (SKIN modifier).
1 High quality Mocap data file in .bip format (Straight walking).
Geometry: About 30000 Quads for Body,Clothing, Hair, Mouth, Teeth and Tongue meshes.
Textures: 4K High quality Maps (Difuse, Specular, Bump, Displacemet, etc).
Format: 3D Studio Max 2009 or above.
Materials: MentalRay ready + skin shader and Lighting setup.
Units: Centimeters and Inches.

Realistic Female Head 3d model

Realistic polygonal/subdivision female head 3d model constructed with edgeloop topology optimized for facial animations.

Big Nude Woman 3d model

Version 1.1. The 'Big Nude' model was created in 2006, orginally published on the spiraloid message boards.

FBX version for import into Softimage and Maya supplied, also a Max 2010 version, as well as a fall-back OBJ version for other applications.

Includes a brief import documentation for Softimage and Max.

Includes a complete jaw, teeth and tongue model (untextured)

A T-Posed version of the model is included for an easier rigging process.

Model is a Catmull-Clark subdivision surface.

Female character 3d model

This is a model of a high detail female character.

This model is not rigged, for rigged version look at
my other model Female Rigged Product ID: 669560

Originally created with 3ds Max 2011 using the Mentalray renderer.


This model is suitable for use in advertising, design visualisation,
forensic presentation, film, game cut scenes, etc.


Neva v3.3 (max9) 3d model

- Included user manual (30 pages PDF file with FAQ and samples)
- RIGGED with skin and biped
- MORPH controlled expressions, lipsynk and more (51 sliders)
- MORPH targets included
- WIRE PARAMETERS to automate different morphs
- DISPLACEMENT map to alter the polycount (up to 102208 polys)
- SSS (Sub Surface Scattering) materials
- 6144x6144 textures (Color,Bump,Subderm,BackSurf,Spec,Refl,Dots)
- DYNAMIC ready (geometry based) hair with “Hair&Fur”
- Clean edge-loops based topology